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About this Website

Licensing Information

Source code license for nonderivative works, unless clearly labelled otherwise: CC0 1.0.

Articles, publications, pictures, media files etc.: CC BY 4.0.

About the Author

I write ultra-high-performance code. I do what's needed when it's needed. I once read an article about best practices. I don't follow them. I read a book about programming patterns. It sucked. I write code in C. C++ when needed. Intrinsics in a pinch. Assembler when necessary. GLSL if I have a GPU available.

I once studied at the University of Oslo. I attended a course with Ole-Johan Dahl. It was awesome. It formalized and proved the correctness of many niggling issues you come across while learning proper programming. Anyone writing C and still having a problem counting from 0? Go stand in the corner.

I've written low-level, high-performance code for alot of different CPUs over the years: Motorola 68000, PowerPC, assorted ARM devices, Philips TriMedia (awesome), Texas Instruments DSPs (crap), Mellanox TILE-Gx, Intel (AVX2 etc.) and NVidia GPUs. Surely I've forgotten some.

I've written video pipelines, threading frameworks, menu systems, camera controllers, communication systems, fixed obscure bugs, the list goes on. There's alot of example code in the Source Code section.

I'm currently working with the cool dudes and dudettes at Stingray Marine Solutions AS. Killing sea lice with a laser is awesome! And we use high-end PCs, none of that low-power crap.

Earlier, I worked for Cisco. And before that, TANDBERG. TANDBERG was pretty great. Cisco wasn't. I also worked for PCTVNet back in the day.

I've made several of videos over the years. Most of them are in the Videos section. Here's some of the latest ones:

In 2019, Sjur Julin and I remastered two old Amiga demos from The Gathering 1996 and 1997:

We also did some cutting-edge work on denoising and dejittering 25 year old VHS tapes:

I regularly rip off other people's works. Sorry. I took the Quaternion Julia shader by Keenan Crane, fixed some bugs and made a threaded CPU version. Not necessarily in that order. Spent some time figuring out how to increase the quality without generating more noise. Bought a new 8-core CPU to render it, but it still took some days at 100% load to finish. Next time I'll get a more quiet cooling system:

My first computer:


Nils Liaaen Corneliusen, 2020