Age of Conan

Age of Conan is an MMO by Funcom.

I raid with The Ivory Tower and manage a website for their chat bot: Fubot.

I also raid with Fruit Vendors and run their chat bot and support website: Fruitbot.

Earlier I was an officer in Tainted Souls and managed the website and chat bot until we ran out of raiders. It's now a memorial site.

I used to have a lot of conquerors, but unfortunately there's no fun way to progress them after T4. The conqueror specific page is retired, but here's the remaining interesting things:

Armor sets
Conq T5 Rune explained (it's crap)
Carnage DPS build
Carnage magic tanking build
Brute turtle build (it's crap)

The current collection of armor sets:


Ignorantus, Conqueror

Tier 1: Triumphant
Martial Paragon
Tier 2: Martial Paragon
Victorious Elite
Tier 3: Victorious Elite
Black Dragon
Tier 3: Black Dragon
Milites Templi
Tier 3.5: Milites Templi
Tier 3.5: Ostiary
Fearless Souls
Tier 4: Fearless Souls
Courageous Souls
Tier 4: Courageous Souls
Indomitable Souls
Tier 4: Indomitable Souls
Miserable Failure
Tier 5: Miserable Failure
Warded Brute
Tier 6: Warded Brute
Steel Behemoth
Tier 6: Steel Behemoth
Great Impi
Tier 6: Great Impi

Pipilkhan, Guardian

Tier 1: Valiant
Tier 3: Invincible


Thesage, Demonologist

Tier 1: Ecliptic
Tier 2: Bloodmoon
Tier 3: Pandemonium
Outer Dark
Tier 4: Outer Dark
First Circle
Tier 5: First Circle
Cackling Marionette
Tier 6: Cackling Marionette

Disappointia, Necromancer

Dark Terror
Tier 1: Dark Terror
Necrotic Dread
Tier 2: Necrotic Dread
Black Oblivion
Tier 3: Black Oblivion
Outer Dark
Tier 4: Outer Dark

Theminstrel, Herald of Xotli

Ardent Fire
Tier 1: Ardent Fire
Infernal Zeal
Tier 2: Infernal Zeal
Conflagrant Flame
Tier 3: Conflagrant Flame
Tier 3.5: Exorcist
Strange Beyond
Tier 4: Strange Beyond
Eternal Blaze
Tier 5: Eternal Blaze

Yarnessa, Herald of Xotli (Grooella on Saga of Zath Server)

Ardent Fire
Tier 1: Ardent Fire
Strange Beyond
Tier 4: Strange Beyond
Endless Sands
Tier 6: Endless Sands


Irritanto, Ranger

Jagged Barbs
Tier 1: Jagged Barbs
Swift Talon
Tier 2: Swift Talon
Tier 3: Ravenflight
Living Tarim
Tier 3.5: Living Tarim
Tier 4: Deathstalker
Quilled Darts
Tier 5: Quilled Darts
Bone and Horn
Tier 6: Bone and Horn

Yaywalker, Barbarian

Violent Rage
Tier 1: Violent Rage
Brutal Carnage
Tier 2: Brutal Carnage
Savage Slaughter
Tier 3: Savage Slaughter
Untamed Violence
Tier 4: Untamed Violence

Clownfiesta, Assassin

Deadly Guile
Tier 1: Deadly Guile
Black Whispers
Tier 2: Black Whispers
Black Whispers
Tier 3: Dark Malice
Death God
Tier 4: Death God


Semitrailer, Priest of Mitra

Illuminant Conviction
Tier 1: Illuminant Conviction
Effulgent Devotion
Tier 2: Effulgent Devotion
Celestial Radiance
Tier 3: Celestial Radiance
Tier 3.5: Revelations
Thousand Blossoms
Tier 4: Thousand Blossoms
Dragon King
Tier 4: Dragon King

Ignorantos, Tempest of Set

Tier 1: Cloudcleaver
Tier 2: Riftcaller
Sundered Skies
Tier 3: Sundered Skies
Tier 3.5: Erlik

Burritwo, Bear Shaman

Vernant Fury
Tier 1: Vernant Fury
Savage Fang
Tier 2: Savage Fang
Clawing Might
Tier 3: Clawing Might
Scattered Gods
Tier 4: Scattered Gods