Age of Conan: Ignorantus' 2 Remaining Conquerors

I used to have 12 conqs. I've retired 10 of them since there's been no fun upgrade path for a number of years: No DPS upgrade after T4, completely useless T5 armor, crap DPS buff from T5 rune, crap T6 1HE, crap or useless T5 and T6 accessories, useless soldier ring in Vanaheim.

Retired conqs here.

My other Conan characters and collection of raid armor sets.

Name Created Armor 1HE 2HE
Ignorantus 9 Aug 2008 Full T6: Great Impi, 1 Nov 2016
Full T6: Warded Brute, 18 Aug 2016
Full T6: Steel Behemoth, 26 Jul 2016
Full T4: Courageous Souls, 1 Oct 2013
Full T4: Indomitable Souls, 10 Jan 2013
Full T4: Fearless Souls 2 Aug 2012
Full T3: Black Dragon 25 Nov 2010
T5: Chill of Winter's Breath
T5: Fury of the Sleeping Stars

2xT4: South Cleave of the Vermilion Bird
2xT3: Blade of the Crowned Serpent
2xT2: Blade of the Fallen King
T6: Great Sword of the Warded Brute
T4: The Unconquerable Riddle of Steel
T4: Thrice-Howled Edge of Frenzy
T3.5: Tarim's Twin-axe of Sanctity
T2: Feather of Ibis
Edge of Shaulun
Ignoranto 12 Mar 2010 Full T4: Courageous Souls, 20 Mar 2014
Full T4: Fearless Souls, 9 Jan 2014
Full T4: Indomitable Souls, 2 Jun 2013
Full T3: Black Dragon, 9 Feb 2012
2xT4: South Cleave of the Vermilion Bird
2xT3: Shard-Blade of Wraal
T4: The Unconquerable Riddle of Steel

I usually raid with these guys: The Ivory Tower.

Conqueror T5: The Miserable Failure explained

Interesting Tables

Armor, swords and accessories tables for conquerors. Gear from other classes added where relevant.

Document Source Date
Armor sets Excel 22 October 2015
Weapons Excel 15 April 2016
Accessories: Rings, cloaks and necklaces Excel 1 January 2017

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Feat Builds

Made using Johara's Feat Planner. It's incredibly awesome! (Also check out the Tainted 6 page!)

Carnage DPS
Depending on your needs, it might be considered wise to spec Annihilate instead of Improved Bloody Hack, or even Offhand Precision. I never felt that need. I use this as the only build for T1-T3 raids. If you feel Cunning Deflection is missing, please go stand in the corner.
Carnage magic tanking
Something like this is very useful when you have to tank magic encounters. The only downside compared to brute spec is the lack of Blessed Conquest. But you'll do insanely more dps and handle aggro so much better that it's not worth going brute. Works very well on Emperor in T4 if you know what you're doing.
Brute turtle
Generic boring brute turtle build. Maxed out armor and protection, all bubbles. Fallback when carnage setups fail, or you just want to be the last to die. I rarely play brute; check the official forum for more info on brute tanking.