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15 February 2021

The first print copies of Ekte Programmering arrived here today, and the cover is pretty great! Sorry for the crap picture:

Ekte Programmering, cover

We're not doing any official promotion until the ISBN is searchable. That seems to be a process involving handwritten letters, transportation by mules, and secret hand signals, taking 6-8 weeks. Really.

I recommend ordering it directly from lulu.com, since it's pretty quick. And it's less of a ripoff for us than using the ISBN in any random bookstore.

9 February 2021

The book Ekte Programmering has been released! It's a book about programming, programmers, programs, and pop culture, in Norwegian language. Co-authored with Sjur Julin. Order it directly on lulu.com.

Sjur's launch video is cool, even if you don't speak Norwegian:

YouTube video 4C5-s6zQpoM

29 January 2021

We're not just banging rocks together here at Igno Labs in 2021! The extremely long running top secret project is complete. Here's a teaser:

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2 January 2021

YouTube video j5x-lytqqXQ

The Xmas Demo 2020 Edition has been updated with Linux support.